Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kitschy Kitchen

Now, I make no promises that the kitchen is going to be remodeled anytime soon...though, how I wish that it were!  We still need to do the plumbing & electric before anything can happen in the kitchen.  But we've been seriously planning the layout, and I'm actually EXCITED about how it will look now.

We'd originally planned on keeping it exactly how it currently is...a U shape...but I then had an epiphany and realized, "If we're trying to make the house feel open, then we should open this kitchen up!"

Here's what the current layout looks like:
(The doors on the left & right side are pocket doors...
hence why it looks like there are things in front of them.
Also, that open space on the bottom left?  
That's the open space between the dining room and the family room.)

Feels kinda closed in, huh?  I thought so, too.  So here's what we're thinking...

The only difference in the two is the table placement.  The top one is the way I'd like to have it...a little breakfast nook...and the bottom one is the way we'd lay it out for selling it.  Drew made a good point that we're trying to sell to families and families don't always want *just* a nook...they want an actual dining room.  So the nook will not be built in, just pieces put together to look like built-ins.

Here's the general look we're going for:  hardwood floors, white cabinets, dark counters.

Okay, *I* am actually the one who wants all this.  Drew's not that crazy about the hardwood floors, but I feel like having all of our connecting rooms have the same flooring to give it that open/connected look.  

What do you think?

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Stacey B. said...

Wow Abbey! Check out your professional design layouts! :)
I have to say, that I adore the idea of the nook. (Photo 4 the center collage photo – LOVE!) That would really be something if you could figure out a way to do a bench that is non-permanent… what an option to use the nook, or pull the table out for a dinner for two.
Your gorgeous color schemes and ideas really show you’ve put a lot of thought and work into planning and dreaming about your new kitchen! It will be amazing!
As for the flooring, I’m with you – I like the flow of rooms that go together.
Best of luck as you guys inch closer to more projects ;) Exciting!
(P.S. I just visited your beautiful land of CA last week, and caught your new blog post while I was there!)