Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Post-June Summer Projects

For the longest time now, I've wanted to rearrange my master bedroom because...well, because I was just never happy with the original set up.  At the time it made the most sense for storage.  But recently, with the purchase of a small dresser from a local estate sale, I convinced Drew (twisted his arm) to move the big dresser into the closet where he could hang his shirts and pants and still have tons of drawer space underneath.  Begrudgingly, he obliged.  (He has the entire closet to himself, as I moved all my clothes into the guest room closet.  That whole sharing a small closet thing is never a good idea.  Two separate closets = A happy marriage.)  :)

So with this being the last weekend of my summer vacation (sniffle!), we decided to tackle the rearranging.  It wasn't terrible, actually.  Though we did have to remove every single thing so we could move the rug over.  Totally worth it in the end!

Before ::
The dresser we moved can't be seen here, but it's against the wall to the right in the picture.

After :: 

Because we were able to take a huge dresser out, the room feels enormous now.  But by far the best thing about this redo is the ability to really enjoy the window.  With the bed being right in front of it before, we couldn't easily move the curtains to see our beautiful side yard and neighborhood.

I just adore my newly rearranged room!  Now I just need to paint and then find something to go above the bed.  Not a framed picture...something structural perhaps?

Ideas anyone?


Michael and Hannah said...

Love it! Your house is such a HOME.

Abbey said...

Awww! Thanks Hannah!! :) That's exactly what I hope for when I'm putting rooms together!!!

Miss You!!