Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Front Yard?

Right now our front yard is less a yard, more a big chunk of concrete.  Ick.  And of the plant-type things, we've gotten rid of the (dying) tree.

Okay, yes...we have a half-circle driveway which is nice, but I want a YARD!  With GRASS!!  Our side yard has grass and a nice little place to hang out.  Which is why we have our fun chairs there...

But I want my front yard and my side yard to meet up in the middle and make one HUGE corner lot yard.

So today begins Step 1 of probably about a BILLION to make our front yard an actual front yard.

Good-bye Hideous Front Bushes!!  I'd rather have nothing than your horrid ugliness!

Oh Yes, the boys got all redneck on me and started pulling out roots with the truck.  


Dad said...

Help my poor feeble mind. I believe you told us when we were there you were going to tear out the drive way and connect the side and front yard. Is that what you are saying? Are you also going to tear out the drive directly in front of your house and front door? Like I said, I like the circle drive.

Michael and Hannah said...

It will be beautimous!