Saturday, March 24, 2012

Do My Ears Deceive Me?

Just last night, my husband promised me something great...something I've dreamt of, but never thought would happen.

You're thinking maybe jewelry?

Think again!  I mean, c'mon...I got excited about getting a dual flush toilet for our anniversary two years ago.

No, I'm so excited because, not only did the Hubs tell me we could get a new front door...he told me we could take out the awful (and kinda random) "window" and put in a brand new entrance-way!  

Check out what it looks like now...
Ugh - so ugly!

Double Doors are Fab!

Do you think the space will be able to accomodate a double door?  I'm not so sure it will.

Since I'm starting to think that a double door just ain't gonna happen, I've come up with two other options.

The Dutch Door :: Drew isn't really excited about this one.  I think it's adorable...

So cottage-y!

But, if I could truly have my way...if all my Door-Related Dreams could come true...I'd get an Arched Door!  I blame this obsession on The Polka Dot Door from my childhood.  (I love how I can blame things on television!)

Seriously, I would LOVE to have an arched door.  Drew has always said no because we didn't think we were going to do any stucco work on the outside.  However, since Drew has said that we can take the brick facade off the front (YEA!!), the possibilities are endless.  

Eek!  How Cute Is This??

Oh My!  This is perfection!


Today, I was a-hankerin' for something sweet.  Pulled out a recipe I've already made twice since getting it three weeks ago.

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Truffle Cookies.  Heaven on a Plate...

:: Before ::

:: Baked ::

:: Treat ::

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kitschy Kitchen

Now, I make no promises that the kitchen is going to be remodeled anytime soon...though, how I wish that it were!  We still need to do the plumbing & electric before anything can happen in the kitchen.  But we've been seriously planning the layout, and I'm actually EXCITED about how it will look now.

We'd originally planned on keeping it exactly how it currently is...a U shape...but I then had an epiphany and realized, "If we're trying to make the house feel open, then we should open this kitchen up!"

Here's what the current layout looks like:
(The doors on the left & right side are pocket doors...
hence why it looks like there are things in front of them.
Also, that open space on the bottom left?  
That's the open space between the dining room and the family room.)

Feels kinda closed in, huh?  I thought so, too.  So here's what we're thinking...

The only difference in the two is the table placement.  The top one is the way I'd like to have it...a little breakfast nook...and the bottom one is the way we'd lay it out for selling it.  Drew made a good point that we're trying to sell to families and families don't always want *just* a nook...they want an actual dining room.  So the nook will not be built in, just pieces put together to look like built-ins.

Here's the general look we're going for:  hardwood floors, white cabinets, dark counters.

Okay, *I* am actually the one who wants all this.  Drew's not that crazy about the hardwood floors, but I feel like having all of our connecting rooms have the same flooring to give it that open/connected look.  

What do you think?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Post-June Summer Projects

For the longest time now, I've wanted to rearrange my master bedroom because...well, because I was just never happy with the original set up.  At the time it made the most sense for storage.  But recently, with the purchase of a small dresser from a local estate sale, I convinced Drew (twisted his arm) to move the big dresser into the closet where he could hang his shirts and pants and still have tons of drawer space underneath.  Begrudgingly, he obliged.  (He has the entire closet to himself, as I moved all my clothes into the guest room closet.  That whole sharing a small closet thing is never a good idea.  Two separate closets = A happy marriage.)  :)

So with this being the last weekend of my summer vacation (sniffle!), we decided to tackle the rearranging.  It wasn't terrible, actually.  Though we did have to remove every single thing so we could move the rug over.  Totally worth it in the end!

Before ::
The dresser we moved can't be seen here, but it's against the wall to the right in the picture.

After :: 

Because we were able to take a huge dresser out, the room feels enormous now.  But by far the best thing about this redo is the ability to really enjoy the window.  With the bed being right in front of it before, we couldn't easily move the curtains to see our beautiful side yard and neighborhood.

I just adore my newly rearranged room!  Now I just need to paint and then find something to go above the bed.  Not a framed picture...something structural perhaps?

Ideas anyone?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Projects I Should Have Started in June!

Such slow progress on this little house of mine...

We are at a stand-still when it comes to major projects and renovations, but that won't stop me from doing a little redecorating and reorganizing!

There's a bench I've had sitting around for quite some time just waiting for a new coat of paint.

Oh good ole Martha always comes through with amazing paint colors...

And it looks just lovely in my Living Room!  

After a day-long project, I figured I could take on something even bigger.  So I decided to try and conquer the Sewing Room.  This room was originally supposed to be a place for me to do my little crafty projects and such, but it really just turned into the "Let's throw it in there and worry about it later" room.

Oof!  My goodness...  This was definitely going to be longer than a day-long project!

But it was worth it in the end!

Ahhh...  It's starting to all come together!

Monday, March 7, 2011


As we pull out lots of bushes,
we're thinking of what we'll eventually put in it's place...

New Trees Anyone??


Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Front Yard?

Right now our front yard is less a yard, more a big chunk of concrete.  Ick.  And of the plant-type things, we've gotten rid of the (dying) tree.

Okay, yes...we have a half-circle driveway which is nice, but I want a YARD!  With GRASS!!  Our side yard has grass and a nice little place to hang out.  Which is why we have our fun chairs there...

But I want my front yard and my side yard to meet up in the middle and make one HUGE corner lot yard.

So today begins Step 1 of probably about a BILLION to make our front yard an actual front yard.

Good-bye Hideous Front Bushes!!  I'd rather have nothing than your horrid ugliness!

Oh Yes, the boys got all redneck on me and started pulling out roots with the truck.